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5 Of The Best Holiday Beaches


 Don’t you love the beach? I don’t know about you, but we certainly do! The relaxing sound of the waves and the comforting warmth of the sun is just too alluring. There are many ways for people to get rid of stress. A good hiking trip to the mountains is an excellent way to experience the outdoors. However, beaches have a different appeal. Sitting on a beach, you can get a magnificent view of both land and the vast, endless body of water. Some even call it mysterious. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, pack your bags because we’re giving you five beaches that are perfect for your little getaway trip.




If you’ve been working hard, non-stop, for a long time, it’s no secret that you need a break. Jobs can be tiring and stressful, often making people feel older than they are.

In that case, Ibiza sounds like what you might be looking for. With music, water sports, Holiday Fitness, bars and restaurants on over 50 beaches, the partying never stops. With all that eating, drinking and dancing, this coastal town in Spain will kick that youth back into you. Don’t wait and don’t hesitate. You’re never too old to party.


Mnemba Island


Ibiza might be good for a group of friends, but if you’re looking for a quiet getaway with someone special, we recommend Mnemba Island. Stop looking for that perfect romantic hideaway because you’ve found it. This island on the Zanzibar Archipelago in Tanzania is a private property owned by a tourism company. With 24 thatched houses called “Bandas”, this island is exclusively for couples. You don’t need to worry about privacy, food, lodging, or anything that concerns a person on holiday. Just relax, enjoy your food, adore the delightful view and explore the island. The water gently touching your feet as you sit at your table is just one of the many perks of visiting Mnemba Island.


Koh Samui


We can all agree that it’s often hard to find the right group of people to go on a beach holiday with. The reason is that in a group of young backpackers, there’s always a variety of things that people are interested in. Some interests often contrast others. Well, worry no more! Koh Samui island in Thailand offers a trip worth your time. The two best beaches, Lamai and Chaweng, cater to people who want to party as well as those looking for a peaceful and quiet time. With two opposite personalities, Chaweng beach is where you’ll find loud music and cheap drinks. While Lamai, on the other hand, is ideal for pleasant and refreshing swims. This is the type of active holiday were you could lose weight without even exercising. As if this wasn’t enough, the island also offers plenty of adventure sports for you to feel that adrenaline rush! So, is this the ultimate package or what?




We understand that beach holidays don’t always have to be about partying, romantic candle-lit dinners or even sports. Sometimes, you might want to simply lay on the beach and get that tan you’ve always wanted. No loud music, no alcoholic beverages and no lovey-dovey themed beach houses. Just a beautiful beach with basic lodging facilities. It might sound boring to some, but it sure doesn’t sound boring to us. For those who agree, Zapallar is the place you’re looking for. This seaside village in South America’s Chile has no high rise buildings. In other words, you can call it “untouched”. Local Chileans call this the best beach in the country.


Bocas Del Toro


In the islands of the Bocas Del Toro province of Panama is where you can find yourself surfing, snorkelling and diving. Bocas Town, the capital of Bocas Del Toro, is built entirely on water. In this town over the water, you can spend your time enjoying the nightlife in the many bars and pubs. The only way you can get around town is via boat taxis. It reminds us of Venice; only Venice is not home to a tropical rainforest. If you’re tired of music and drinks, the adventure options offered by this place can keep you excited and busy.

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