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Best Fitness Activities To Do On The Beach

Walking, reading, dancing, eating – the usual activities you perform at home can seem more enjoyable at the beach. You can’t deny that. So, why not mix things up a little and use your leisure time to burn those extra calories on your next trip to the beach? If you’re up for it, let’s hit it!

Below, you can find some of the best fitness activities recommended to do on the beach by a London PT, irrespective of your fitness level. These moves will surely keep your pulse racing as you soak up the sun.

Before anything else,


Before starting any fitness activity, a warm-up is a must! Warming up will prepare your body for what’s coming next and also minimize the risk of injury. You can start by jogging down the beach for about 5-10 minutes.

Squat Jumps:

Keep your feet hip-width apart and get into a squat position. Jump right up and land in the initial squat position. Repeat as many times as you can, depending on your fitness level.

Squat jumps can be tough on your knees if you don’t land in the right form. Hence, the beach’s sandy terrain helps by providing a more cushioned platform to reduce the impact.

Sand Bucket Swing:

Who said sand buckets are just for kids! Fill up your bucket with sand as a substitute for weights. Keep the bucket right in front of you. Spread your legs a bit, making enough room for the bucket to fit in, bent your knees slightly, and lean a little forward. Grab the bucket and swing it back between your legs. Then, swing it back up to shoulder height, engaging your core and glutes to do so.


Since sand creates a more stressful surface to run on, it means you can have an intense workout session when you choose to run on the beach. Plus, it is fun! You don’t have to literally run miles. Playing football or frisbee-tossing on the beach are great ways to keep you moving.

Sand Bucket Deadlift:

Here is another fitness activity to perform on the beach using sand buckets. It’s similar to how you perform regular deadlifts – just that, you’ll be using sand-filled buckets in place of a barbell.

Start by holding the bucket with both hands. Then, bend at the waist and lean forward with the help of your legs. Keep your glutes and core engaged in the process. Touch the bucket to the ground and return to the standing position. Repeat 10-13 times and perform three rounds.


A classic ball game for playing at the beach – Volleyball! This sport can be a great full-body workout depending on the length of the game and the number of players. Did you know? On average, a game of volleyball can burn over 500 calories! Now, that’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

If you’re playing the game seriously, it can help strengthen your upper body, shoulders, abdominals, lower legs, arms, and thighs. Besides, volleyball can also improve reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and balance.


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